Yukon Attractions

Stay In Downtown Whitehorse Near The Best Things To Do

The Sternwheeler Hotel & Conference Centre is located in the heart of downtown Whitehorse. As the largest hotel in the Yukon, we provide a gateway to “The Wilderness City’s” attractions and things to do like no other hotel in Whitehorse. Situated along the Yukon River, Whitehorse is northern Canada's largest city and offers cultural and historic attractions alongside spectacular wilderness. With views and access to lakes, majestic mountains and the Yukon River, it's no wonder Whitehorse is referred to as the "Wilderness City." For additional recommendations and information on Yukon attractions, our staff will be happy to help.  

Yukon River

Flowing from the Coastal Range mountains of northern British Columbia, the Yukon River is the longest river in Alaska and the third-longest river in North America. Just a few blocks from the hotel you can stroll the riverbanks, fish for salmon, book a canoe or kayak tour or just sit and admire its awesome power and stunning beauty.

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Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights

Whitehorse is a popular destination for viewing the Northern Lights, with prime viewing season between September and March. Visit the Aurora Borealis Yukon webpage for northern lights forecast information, or inquire at the front desk about tour options.

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Beringia Interpretive Centre

The Beringia Interpretive Centre in Whitehorse provides an interactive and multimedia exploration of the Yukon’s prehistoric past. Dioramas, films and artwork provide a vivid picture of prehistoric Yukon landscapes, animals and humans.

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MacBride Museum of Yukon History

The MacBride Museum of Yukon History, Yukon’s first museum, is in the heart of downtown Whitehorse and is an excellent place to learn about the history of the city and how it shaped the development of the Yukon.

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S.S. Klondike National Historic Site

At the southern end of downtown Whitehorse, you’ll find the S.S. Klondike National Historic Site, home to the largest and last sternwheeler on the Yukon River. Sternwheelers were used on many rivers and lakes in Canada, but in the Yukon, they were central to transportation.

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Yukon Wildlife Preserve

At the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, observe 10 species of northern Canadian mammals including woodland caribou, Canada lynx, Alaska/Yukon moose and arctic foxes.

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Emerald Lake & McIntyre Creek

For a taste of the incredible wilderness that surrounds Whitehorse, plan a visit to Emerald Lake or McIntyre Creek

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Miles Canyon

Take a hike and enjoy the unique scenery at Miles Canyon.

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